Welcome To The Yoga Studio


Hello, I’m Claire. Welcome to The Yoga Studio in Grimsby!

I teach what I love and I love what I teach! I want to share with everyone the wonderful world of mindfulness! Because, I know, without this inner bliss life can get pretty ugly and painful!

The natural state of our mind is tranquility, just as the natural state of our body is relaxation. Once I stopped attending to the mental chatter and to my emotional ‘roller coaster’ ride that I allowed to occupy me daily,
I learnt to relax. I learnt to relax the physical tension within me,
which until then had only given rise to the chaos!

Learning To Relax

Learning To relax

allowed my mind to return to its natural tranquil state. This state is what, in essence, the mind actually is, just as water is naturally still unless disturbed. And just as water becomes crystal clear when it is still, so does the mind.

This Is Why I Teach Yoga

this is why i teach yoga

Meditation or call it self observation and self awareness. As I move along my journey of ‘Yoga’ (taking a good look at myself inside and out), I feel relaxed, but also the stillness I discover as I continue to practice allows me to see more and more clearly into myself. I develop more self-understanding and even more self-acceptance.

Yes - I Love Me!!

yes - i love me!!

I think I am special (Namaste), not because of what I look like, not because of what I have or what I own or achieve. But because I am now wide awake, with alert attentiveness and an abiding contentment with life.

I teach this (yoga) to you because I truly think you are special too. I want you to feel this bright light in me – reach the beautiful shining light in you – then we can all be groovy, glow and grow!


Bored of the same old fitness routine? It’s time to dust off that yoga mat! The various advantages of this 5,000 year old practice are endless. Here are but a mere handful of the plethora of health benefits that yoga has to offer:


#1 Flexibility
#2 Posture
#3 Breathing
#4 Less Stress
#5 Heart Health


We make it very easy to get started. Simply give us a call or email to enquire.
We are also now offering online classes. Take a look below for prices.

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